Local Flood Hazards

The City of Heppner Participates in the National Flood Insurance Program in conformance with guidelines developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The information supplied below is to provide citizens of Heppner, property owners and prospective property owners, with the best available information relative to the floodplain management program of the City of Heppner.


City of Heppner features several streams that are susceptible to flooding events that pose threats to life and safety and cause significant property damage.  Streams include Willow Creek, Balm Fork, Shobe Creek and Hinton Creek. The City of Heppner has nearly 267 individual parcels that are partially or entirely located within the floodplain.  The area of the floodplain within the city limits covers approximately 114 acres.  The total value of the property within the floodplain, as of 2004, was $16,413,250, or approximately 33% of the property value in the City.  Snow melt from the Blue Mountains can contribute substantially to flooding, although summer thunderstorms may be the most destructive and may cause severe flash flooding.